“BC Was Awesome” TV show episodes

bob-kronbauerVancouver Is Awesome teamed up with Artaban Productions to produce 10 episodes of a new history TV show called BC Was Awesome, released September 2016. We’re working on Season 2, releasing in 2017!

Hosted by Bob Kronbauer, the show takes a look at some of the more curious stories from our province’s past. Chasing down the legend of camels running wild in the Cariboo during the gold rush, the pirate mayor of Nanaimo, the origin of the word Sasquatch and many more strange tales are told throughout the series.

Supported by TELUS Optik Local, you can watch all 10 episodes below as they come out. They’re also available for viewing on on Optik TV. Look for the BC Was Awesome book coming out in 2018 on Arsenal Pulp Press.

Lost Expo Ernie
We go on a hunt for the lost Expo Ernie robot from Expo 86! We meet with real estate mogul and art collector Bob Rennie, a dude who worked at McDonald’s during the fair, and finally with the woman who has been managing Ernie for years, since he went off the radar!

Ripple Rock Explosion
The largest planned, non-nuclear explosion EVER took place in Campbell River BC!

From Slavery to Salt Spring
Sylvia Stark bought her freedom from slavery in the USA and settled on Salt Spring Island. This is the story of her and her family.

Fishing With John Candy
We tracked down the pilot of a never-aired TV show featuring John Candy!!!

The Amusement Park That Never Was
A lost pyramid in BC? We go looking for it and find an even wilder story about Rattlesnake Island and the man who tried to bring his dream to life there.

The Pirate Mayor of Nanaimo
Frank Ney started the bathtub races and left a major legacy.

The Flying Seven
“A woman’s place is in the sky”, said this group of seven female pilots during the second World War, inspiring future generations.

An Island Eccentric
The story of one of Tofino’s most interesting characters, Fred Tibbs.

Sasquatch Hunters
We track down the true origin of this named-in-BC beast.

Camels in the Cariboo
Introduced to BC during the Gold Rush, we find out how they earned the nickname “Skull Crushers”