How to make a eastvanwich


Cut up some red and green peppers. Throwem in a pan or wok. Dump some stir fry beef in there from Buy-Low.

Then put in a ton of BBQ sauce! a dash of lemon, and a splash of mango. Get the good stuff(Gina). Then add Siracha depending on how much spice you can handle. Dont even think about making it with out Siracha or ghosts will haunt you.

Toast up some big slices of Vancouver Sourdough(Venice Bakery) cop some at Buy-Low. If it aint Vancouver style its gonna be weak and crumbly.

Slice up some mozzarella and layit up on topa that beast. Chuck it in the oven on broil.

When it looks like this whip it out.

Pop the top on, pour some Ribena and fizz, and chow down.

If you got a weak mouth dont bother. This shit will cut the hell outa your mouth.