a walk in van


spend a lot of time in this beautiful city of ours on my feet or sk8 … and recently discovered the simplicity and relatively good quality of the digital point and shoot … thus taking pics of things I see and find interesting has become one of my little obsessions. AND because one of your obsessions is reading cool little sites like this one on the net you are about to share my world …like it or not!… its ok , they are all “pretty” this time!

The flicks below are mostly of creative endeavors I have noticed some fine citizen’s of our town have applied to the landscape .. few cheeky comments to spice it up.

– keep seeing these around , posters of photos of Vancouver buildings , sometimes they are just interesting , sometimes they have graff on em …shit I haven’t paid enuff attention might be more “method to the madness” I am missing …cool none the less.


– a shack down by the river ( crab park actually), kinda random ,,,but ya know someone spent time to do this.


– Vancouver’s statement on religion? art ? someones personal view ? who really knows , I do know it caused a big controversy … which in my humble opinion is the kinda the point right ?


-ok these next couple could be argued to not really be from Vancouver … great artist from Ontario did em ( email for the name if interested) …but thats not the point here , these were for a corporate campaign and I found it interesting that alot of them were tweaked and appropriated by “other” artists …here is a few for ya to check , if ya see more take a pic and send em over.


– cool old OG artisan steeze … craftsmanship from a different age.


– Bright ass skull face sticker deal


– Was takin a flick of this throw up and someone busts out a door to have a smoke ! random …


-this is the new tunnel downtown for the skytrain ..someone snuck a little throwup in there !


-a poster for our man Murray Siple’s http://www.murraysiple.com new movie “carts of darkness” …if ya get a chance to see a screening of this do not sleep … great inspiring film and should be a revelation and inspiration to us all … yeah Mur !


– a scrawl in an ally in strathcona


– a spot in van that gets well maintained by the heads …


-an artist named spring !


– bad Canadian graffiti ?


-house ?


– this little tag was above the stinkiest dumpster ever ! if only ya could include the stench in a photo !


– homer is in the hood !


– another poster guy , completely different aesthetic though …usually pretty dark in content …


-electrical box in my hood … there is a “OG” vancity tag up on there.


-Another snap of craftsmanship from a distant era


-another artist with many different names … lets just go with ‘sunset” for now !