East is East is good eats


East is East is, in my opinion, one of the raddest and most unique places to eat in Vancouver. They have 2 locations to check out. The first is an East is East at 4413 Main St. (Main and 28th). The other location is East is East, Chai Gallery, and Silk N Spice all right next to each other at 3243 W Broadway. I almost always go to the one on Main out of convenience so I have yet to try out Chai Gallery and Silk N Spice but I’ll tell you what each of them is all about. First of all, the food they serve is all based on the food of 7 countries along the ancient silk trading route. I’ll let you go and try and guess what those countries are. East is East is the most casual dining experience of the three, and the dishes are kind of a street vendor style. They have really neat decor with low bench seats, pillows, wooden tables, dim lighting, and a stage at the back where they sometimes feature live music. Chai Gallery is a little more of a formal dining experience…but not like you have to get all dressed up or anything. They’re only open for dinner and they have live entertainment (music and dancing) nightly. Lastly, Silk N Spice is kind of a banquet style eatery so you sort of get to try a bit of every. They also have an organic salad bar.

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On Canada Day Bob and I were in and around the Kits neighbourhood when I got a hankering for the best shake ever! So we made a stop at East is East. The shake that I like to get is called “Kabuli Dream,” and it has pistachio, cardamom, and rosewater in it. For all the shakes, they give you an option of ice cream or frozen yogurt, and milk or soy. I also got myself a bowl of their kir, which is rice pudding. This also has pistachio and cardamom in it. I’ve had kir plenty of times before, but none as flavourful and fragrant as this. If you go there for a meal, I suggest trying out one of their “Eastern Plates”. This consists of dhal (lentil soup), roti (bread), Afghan, and coconut rice, a salad, and you get to choose 2 of 10 other items such as mango butter squash, and organic lamb kebab. It’s a little on the pricier side…it’s no buck a slice, that’s for sure! But I think it’s well worth it.

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East is East, W Broadway.


Chai Gallery and Silk N Spice.


Silk N Spice…I want a set of those stools and a table.


Yummy Puddin’!


Me enjoying THE BEST SHAKE EVER on a lovely Canada Day evening. Oh yeah, and that cup is made of corn so it’s compostable.