why havent you gone (too) Krazy !?!


no excuse, go to the VAG now ….

( Vancouver in (on) the house !)

( is this McGee stuff even part of the exhibit?kinda tucked away and lookin like unofficial street art)


ps, make sure to check upsatirs too , lots of other good exhibits, like the infamous Chinese artist Zhang Huan

pps, if ya got kids go on a Sunday, lots of activities and extra attetion paid to the short people.

PPPS- Of course Michelle Evers comes through with the real info on the McGee stuff

“Hey – just wanted to say.. that McGee stuff in the VAG has been running for well over 5 years (at least!). Apparently he painted them while installing a Margaret Kilgallen (his departed wife and artist) retrospective. They never buff it, despite the exhibition.. Makes you wonder what other little secrets the VAG has.. ”


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