HOOD WARS #1, Granville St. give or take a few blocks west


Ok so I thought I’d better get rolling with this hood wars battle before Mount Pleasant and Hastings Sunrise kick everyones butts. I know it’s been mentioned before but damn… the Vancouver Art Gallery aka the VAG is an amazing place. Founded in 1931 the VAG moved to it’s current location in 1983 formerly the provincial court house. Where else in Vancouver can you skate, participate in a protest (pick your cause there’s a different one every week), witness people paint planets with spray paint, have your fortune read, see break dancers try to raise money to get to their next dance battle, play chess, or just kick it with your shirt off on the steps in the sun. What makes it even better is you could easily do or witness all of these things in a few minutes on the right day, and that’s just the outside! Inside, the gallery has a steady flow of amazing artwork and installations on several floors for your viewing pleasure. I picked up a yearly membership a few months ago and I’ve been lovin’ it. I can’t forget the restaurant either, do yourself a favor if your ever in the area mid afternoon stop and pick up some lunch, don’t forget dessert, the chocolate pecan pie could be the best in the city. The outdoor patio is like an lush oasis in barren desert complete with soothing music. All their food is made fresh everyday from local ingredients. They even donate the daily leftovers to homeless shelters.

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