Hood Wars #3, Kitsilano. Kits Beach (At Night)


Summer is hanging on for dear life.

Let’s all embrace it before it becomes a mere glimpse of the past.

Living in Kits means you got a lot of options as far as beaches go. Most locals know that Wreck, Jericho, and Spanish Banks are just a bike ride away; bypassing Kits Beach whenever possible. It’s a busy place, and maybe not the most serene, but when the sun starts to go down this is a whole different story.

I’d find myself racing down here after work, grabbing beers on the way. Enjoying summer to the max with your bestest of friends…it never lasts. Taking advantage of it made those beers go down all the more easier, and satisfying. And what better backdrop to pre-drink to (or not pre-drink to) than a setting sun that faces directly across from the log you are leaning against? It’s just good vibes.

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