vancouver IS awesome!


I was so excited about my first post that I didn’t know what to write.

Then I thought about Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday, I played with and filmed: tigers, a panther, a cheetah, baboons, and a bear. Pretty f**king cool.

Then I loaded up the truck with gear and firewood. I figured who would be camping mid-week in October. (Especially at Porteau Cove).

Wednesday, I woke up 20 minutes from Vancouver in a tent with the ocean and snow capped mountains on my doorstep. My kayak was still on the beach from the evening’s sunset paddle so I went for a quick tour. Said hi to 2 seals and watched an eagle fight with a group of seagulls for like 15 minutes. Packing up camp was made easier thanks to the fact that was no dew! Remember this is October 22nd.

Already inspired I decided to go for a bike ride. I had a conference call at 2 pm so a shuttle was out of the question – fromme it was. I peddled up to pipeline for a mellow roost in the woods. so fun

When I got out of the woods I could just tell it was going to be an amazing sunset. One of those cool and calm fall afternoons – you know. So I put the kayak back in the water at Ambelside.

I was rewarded by the aliens that rule the skies somewhere way above our heads with this freakish cloud formation:

not to mention this sunset:

click to see full resolution (it’s worth it)

and when i turned around to head back:

click to see full resolution (it’s worth it)

look close and see purple baker

The moral of the story (other than just to get my first post off my chest) is that VANCOUVER IS AWESOME. I did all the things listed above on a whim, with no planing and less than 10 bucks in gas.

We are blessed to live in a urban setting that affords us the ability to escape it very easily. So the next time your cubical walls are squeezing your soul, keep in mind that just outside those crappy felt covered walls is a million amazing and beautiful things to do.

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