Gingerbread house competition and auction!


Hidden behind a thin veneer of jujubes and smarties, the ubiquitous form of the gingerbread house has stood unchallenged for too long! The malignant plague of cookie-cutter housing which fouls suburbia cannot be invited into our homes this holiday season. No longer representative of our modern lives, held in place by no more than icing and a repressing layer of nostalgia, the conventional gingerbread house must make way for the gingerbread house of today!

Creative Room and Vancouver Special are challenging Vancouver’s best architects and designers to rethink the gingerbread house in a form more fitting for our modern life: to reinterpret the gingerbread house within a modern context.

On November 19th, Vancouver Special in collaboration with Creative Room will reveal 10 modern gingerbread houses available for sale to the public through live auction. There will be a simultaneous online auction here (See below). At the close of business each day we will take down the bid sheets for each house and, after comparing these with the results of that day’s online auction, will post the winning bids on our website. These bids will be used to establish new daily minimum bids. The auction will continue running in this fashion until November 25th – the evening of the gala opening and judging event at Vancouver Special. On this night the online system will not be accepting any bids and live bidding will be extended until 10pm for those attending the event. There are only a limited number of tickets available for the event so buy yours now!