Alright, so I am pretty glad no one has yet posted this gem of a restaurant yet – which is KoKo’s. Basically, located on E. Hastings (so if your driving past the Sweatshop going East you will hit it).  Koko’s is my favorite sushi restaurant in Vancouver because I have been going there for years, so its more of a family sushi hit spot.

Asides from that the place is amazing! For one thing it is Japanese owned, and pretty much everyone that works there is Japanese, so there is a type of feeling its more traditional than anything. Everything is prepared fresh in front of your eyes, basically there’s a dude slicing & dicing a fish right there – pretty rad (sitting at the bar is the best part in my opinion).

Brief History on the restaurant it was originally owned by the owner’s Father where it was a somewhat of a well known place, but started going downhill for its location. Son took over after learning from his father, and kicked business up.. so its pretty cool how it is family owned.

Pretty much the chefs are sushi masters, and know their stuff FOR REALSS. So, I am telling you to check this out and you will NOT be disappointed – I guarantee it; that’s if you only appreciate properly done sushi.

Favorite dish: Jumbo Spicy Dynamite Roll… ITS MASSIVE

Also, if you want dessert after, just down the block is DQ; as you all know is hella dope.


PS: Unfortunately I did not take these pics, last time I went I didn’t have my camera on me – so I had to grab these of Google. So, sorry if the photos are too small for your taste.