turkey tales vol. 1……



Like a lot of families in Vancouver, we’ve got a couple different cultures going on, so Christmas is always fun.

Unbeknownst to me, my sister in law takes photos of me carving the turkey every year to post on her MIXI page to show her friends in Japan…  Now that I know this I’m going to dress up like a lumberjack and pose w. an axe next to the bird.  But why take such a picture?  Well, in Japan on Christmas it’s common for families to dine on KFC of all things.  I know… I’ve always felt KFC has insulted my intelligence, first by changing from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC… and lately the chicken bowl?   Come on….Well…I have to hand it to them…they conned the entire country of Japan into thinking that what you are suppose to do on Christmas is eat their product….I know…a nation that invented the Walkman…Nintendo….I know what they’ve done for streetwear…..they’re all getting duped…

She also told me tons of Japanese kids are good all year but don’t get any presents on Christmas…

No presents….KFC…..this is starting to sound like a Dave Chapelle sketch….

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