A White Spot X-mas


Alright, so I have been due for a post in a little bit and decided that this would be worthy post for many of you (if you didn’t know already). Basically, this post is for those who are maddd lazy cooking meals on Christmas day or well just don’t know how to cook a decent bird.

Anyway my Dad was planing on not cooking a bird this year, since no one was going to be coming over and we were trying to decide on a decent priced place to eat that is open on Christmas. Then my Dad mentioned White Spot has a mean dinner there on Christmas day – why not then? Now at first I did not expect much from the menu; well because White Spot is mainly known for their “triple O” burgers – I was quite impressed though after reading the menu through. As much as I was tempted in getting a hot turkey sandwich; I had to order the meal I was there initially there for; The Turkey Meal: ” I’ll take the spot please “.

So, from the picture you can see the meal is very nicely prepared (especially for a turkey meal coming out to 15 bucks). You get your greens, with your side of cranberry sauce – where I never use.. don’t quite get why it is there; tastes crappy to me.. As I was listing, you get a nice share of mashed potatoes; can’t forget about the stuffing too! Then with a fair amount of the tasty bird that everyone waits for on Christmas – topped with a nice thick batch of gravy – ” Can I get a Side of Gravy please & thank you “.

Overall quite a dope meal I can say, especially coming from white spot – definitely keeping this one in mind for future Christmas to come. Whoever did not know about this – go for it if you are not down for cooking a turkey – I guarantee you will not be disappointed on your meal.