reason 2-52 of why eastvan is the best


of all the 24 hour food joints in vancouver that I know about eastvan is home to 5 out of seven spots. the naam dosent really count cause its a veggie spot so really it should be 5 out of 6. Theres nothing like the feeling of knowing no matter what time it is you can still get tripe and cheesecake without fail. if Anyone has any other spots I dont know about throw them in the ring.(please no dennys, its not considered a restaurant, its considered a shit hole).

Duffins, one of the best spots 24 hours or not. Torta subs, namwiches, chinese, burgers, shakes, bubble tea, macheteed young coconut… oh and donuts.(RIP main st location. nothing like watching 6 old filipino guys gambling outside under a sign saying “no gambling”)

Gold train, A delicious mix of pho and sensory overload anytime of day.

Bino’s, personally I have never been here cause I have a thing with tan and brown signs and brown tinted windows, but every one from champlain swears by it.

Tops, one of the more classy spots, you can get cheescake and chicken fingers an shit. its kinda like whitespot.

Pho hoa, good pho all night long, sorry the picture sucks, we couldent slow down and it was dark.

East kingsway is ike 24 hour central. all those places except Duffins are on Kingsway between nanaimo and wessex.

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