Jon Rawlinson to the rescue! I’ve never met him before but he’s stepped up and is renting me his SONY V1U tomorrow afternoon! Everybody go check out Jon’s reel at jonrawlinson.com.

I’m reaching out to any VIA readers, contributors, anyone really, who has a Sony HDV camera they’re able to rent to me for a couple of hours in the next day or two. I’m working on a film project right now and received a DV tape in the mail and I can’t import it into Final Cut because the camera I use (a Panasonic DVX) won’t read the tape! Do you have a Sony HDV camera like the one below? Do you like shoes, skateboards, and skateboard wheels? I have lots to trade. Or money (I don’t have lots of money but I can afford to pay you for the favor). HIT ME UP! I AM IN DIRE NEED!