Have you walked on south Cambie Street lately? I know it was shitty with skytrain construction for a while, but things are looking so much better on Cambie these days.

I took the longest walk on our first warmest and sunniest day of the year, and Walrus caught my eyes. I think the following excerpt from their own words sum it up very nicely.

“Suspiciously inconspicuous under a bright white awning, Walrus now quietly sits nestled along the recently completed corridor of Cambie between 18th and 19th ave. Co-owners, Caroline Boquist and Daniel Kozlowski have managed to harness a radiant sense of contradiction; from the bold, yet somehow placid branding throughout, to the earthy refinement of the interior, to the fascinating and beautiful assembly of product. The elegantly stocked shelves satiate a hunger for all things good; petitioning the intellect, stimulating emotion, and engaging our materialistic obsessions with brilliant design by some of the most intriguing designers from Vancouver, New York, and Europe.”

They are open to local artists to show and consign in their store, so it may be a good venue for you, artist you.