Boasting Botanicals



Tanya and I were looking to join a community garden earlier in the spring. After doing a minimal amount of research into one close to our house, we were lucky enough to be offered a small patch at a family member’s house in Kits. Being our first real garden we went with the basic; tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, soybeans and 2 types of lettuce. We got this all in today after a little help thanks to Thomas Hobbs at Southlands Nursery, Tanya’s Mom (great M Day idea, just be one of the first people at Southlands), Barb (lender of the land / 93 years of slap happy gardening experience) and Stongs for the carrot seeds. Excited to see the yield of this little 12′ by 4′ area. If you can find a spot, it seems like a little investment for an awesome return.

If you can’t find a spot, start a guerrilla garden.

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