Sunny Day Real Estate is a band you may have heard of out of Seattle. After releasing their epic album, The Rising Tide, they disbanded in 2000 much to many people’s (ahem: my) dismay. That Jeremy Enigk solo album was nice but just not quite the same and there has been holes in my playlists souls where new Sunny Day Real Estate tracks should have been for the past few years.

IN SHORT, it was my great pleasure today to walk into Solly’s Bagels in Kitsilano and see this poster waiting there for me. Though a new album isn’t promised, there is hope!


Fans may recognize the reworking of their last album’s artwork on the poster. Non-fans might recognize it as an illustration of the Bronze Angel statue scuplted by Coeur de Lion McCarthy and erected in 1921 at Waterfront Station to commemorate Canadian Pacific Railway employees killed during World War I. I think the story goes that they were recording in Vancouver and loved the statue so much they wanted it on the album cover. Not 100% on that one though.

Official Sunny Day Real Estate site HERE.

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