You may have heard of this local clothing company called Arc’teryx? You know, that little one that has been consistently introducing some of the most important advancements in outdoor performance wear since 1991? That little company that many hail as the best in the world? Well, they’re about to launch a capsule collection called Veilance which contains interpretations of menswear classics combined with some of the state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that Arc’teryx is famous for.

I recently shot photos of Veilance’s head designer, Conroy Nachtigall (who will be featured in a V.I.A. PROOF soon), for a feature in the Netherlands’ Code Magazine. Click HERE to have a read through the piece and gain some insight on this exciting new line, click HERE to check out the Veilance mini site and keep your eyes on V.I.A. in the coming weeks as the line launches. I’ve had a look through the line and the word awesome does not even begin to describe it.


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