The scope of this local comedy/music project called MENTAL BEAST, which was executive produced by Conor Holler and Cameron Reed, is seriously intense. I’ll keep it simple for now by letting you know that it involves a fictional radio show, a video series, an audio series, a double CD with 30 (yes, THIRTY!) Vancouver bands and an epic wrapup party. Vancouver Is Awesome is on board as a media sponsor so look out for every single episode (video and audio) here in the coming weeks as they’re released. HERE‘s where you can learn all about the project, and below is an awesome prologue to the series to whet your whistle…

Mental Beast Prologue from the shots on Vimeo.

Here’s the official word:
Mental Beast is an innovative 12-episode comedy series that spans two mediums, with two totally distinct show formats — audio and video. It tells the story of KRML, a radio station on the verge of collapse, by bouncing between the audio episodes of a radio show called Mental Beast and video episodes depicting the station’s behind-the-scenes exploits.

The KRML station staff is comprised entirely of Vancouver’s finest alternative comedians, actors, and performers. In addition, Mental Beast was written by the same people that created the web-series With Friends Like These and the pioneering promotional videos, the Music Waste Shorts.

Production of the videos is being handled by local film crews The Shots, and Leo Award nominated Awkward Moment Productions; production of the audio series is under the supervision of CBC Radio3 producer Chris Kelly.

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