Rudolph the red nosed…… Translink Bus



The other day Mrs. Belmont and myself were waiting for the Oak Street bus when this Christmas Spirit overload pulled up to the curb. It’s a regular city Translink bus with a few awesome upgrades. The most obvious being the eyes and giant light up red nose, what you can’t see in this picture is that there are also antlers on the roof. I couldn’t believe our luck, so I had to snap a few photos. When we boarded the bus, we didn’t have to pay, I guess if you’re lucky enough to get on the Rudolph bus a free ride is a bonus gift! Once on board the inside is trimmed like a wreath complete with Christmas lights that run around the roof. As we headed down Seymour Street and turned on Robson people outside were loosing their minds, snapping pictures, pointing and laughing. I watched one guy chase the bus for three blocks running back and forth across the street taking pictures! When we finally reached our destination and got off, I looked back as the bus was pulling away and there was a tail on the rear bumper…. amazing! I haven’t seen the Rudolph bus since, but I’m sure they must change it’s routes pretty regularly.


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