Our Olympic Coverage… YOUR Olympic Coverage!


Contrary to our original plan of simply gleaning peripheral stories here and there, we’ve actually got quite a bit of coverage of the 2010 Games planned for next month. We’ve got folks attending a bunch of Cultural Olympiad shows, we’ll be blogging from our Awesome Showcase at Shine delivering stories from out-of-towners and their experiences in our city and even though we got denied media accreditation some of us might even be attending some sporting events as fans with point and shoot cameras. Go figure.

All of that being said, I think what I’m most excited to report to you is that our DAILY FLICKR PICKR series of photos that we post from our Flickr pool will be all Olympics themed until the closing ceremonies. Every day we’ll be bringing a new image that one of our readers has uploaded to our pool that is somehow Games related, making our Olympic coverage your Olympic coverage! I believe we’re still allowed to use the “O” word up until February 12th but if I am mistaken then you will see this title change from “Your Olympic Coverage” to “Your Fun Time Non Summer Sporting Contest Coverage” soon enough.

So join our Flickr pool and upload your photos!

Today’s DAILY FLICKR PICKR is a photo courtesy of Susan Gittins, and the title is “Richmond’s Giant Inukshuk Made of Shipping Containers for Vancouver 2010 Olympics”:

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