Vectorial Vancouver


By now you’ve probably heard about the interactive art installation that has been lighting up the night sky over Vancouver for the past few nights. Created by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, “Vectorial Elevation” is part of CODE, the Cultural Olympiad’s Digital Edition. Visible over a 15km radius on clear nights, the large-scale artwork is nothing short of mesmerizing as it cycles through aerial projections of user-submitted lighting designs. Each design lights the sky for 12 seconds before the searchlights silently reconfigure themselves in preparation for the next design.

This is one installation that we highly recommend you go out and see in person. The best vantage points are from the Burrard Street Bridge, Vanier Park or Sunset Beach.  Don’t forget to log on and create your design before heading out.  As soon as you press submit, you’ll be given an estimated wait time for when you can see your artwork up in the sky.  Very cool.  Vectorial Elevation will run nightly until February 28th. For more information on the project, to view live webcams or to submit your own design, please visit the Vectorial Elevation website.  More photos after the jump!

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