A mystery involving shoes!


Hey everybody! It’s me, Arlo, again! I’m V.I.A.’s youngest blogger, I just turned one year old a couple months ago and you can see all of my previous posts HERE.

I’m writing this today because I wanted to let you know that my dad, Bob K, has been keeping a secret from you! His secret involves shoes and I don’t know much more than that. He just said “We’re unveiling a really cool thing that involves shoes on V.I.A. soon, Arlo, stay tuned!”, so it’s got me thinking a lot about those things that he and my mom put on my feet for me every day. Mostly I think about food and pooping and making cute noises and about what toy I’m going to chew on next but lately I’ve also been thinking about shoes.

Pictured below are a pair of Nike Dunks that my dad bought for me before I was born, during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. They’re some sort of limited edition that they made for the Summer Games which I’ve since outgrown, and when I did wear them I was too little to even walk yet, so they’re barely showing any wear and my parents are crazy about me so they’ll probably end up getting them bronzed. I recently started walking and the sneakers I’m wearing now are starting to get worn down, so I’ve been thinking “What happens to all of these shoes when they’re worn out? Will every pair of my sneakers that I wear out over my entire lifetime get bronzed? My dad says “No way, dude! I’ll tell you what you can do with your old sneakers instead of bronzing them in the next coupla days.”.


As a side note, for all the sneaker heads out there, you might have noticed that my little shoes above are sitting next to a man-sized Dunk in a colorway that you might not have ever seen before. That’s the Nike SB Dunk that my dad did, and it’s releasing as a quickstrike in mid March. There’s only one other photo of his shoe that’s been circulating around all the streetwear blogs on the internet, so it’s one of my dad’s shoe secrets that I actually know and am sharing with you. When it comes out I’m sure he’ll tell you where you can get it in Vancouver.

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