PechaKucha vol 10!


I think there was a collective murmur that went around the Vogue Theatre on Thursday of “Oh, THAT’S how you say it!”

“Peh-Chach-Kah” vol. 10 was quite a success, selling out the Vogue and showcasing a variety of talented and inspiring Vancouverites.

The presenters included: Jay Balmer, Isabelle Dunlop, Dave Olson, Dani Vachon, Gair Williamson, Martha Sturdy, Doug Haddow, Pamela Masik, Bing Thom, Stephanie Corker Irwin, Vanessa Leigh and Marc Baumgartner.

Every presentation was different, and the speeches and visuals had the audience jumping from ooh-ing & ahh-ing, to laughing, to sitting in silent awe.

If you find yourself in the Whistler area on April 18th, the first PechaKucha Whistler night is being held as part of the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

All photos Copyright Christine McAvoy