The opening of Capilano University’s IDEA program grad show was last night and there were a lot of eager young graduates ready to take on the world of illustration and design. There was a mix of concepts and visuals and no one student had the same way of creating a solution to a design problem. The show is up at Harbour Centre until April 30. It is running concurrently as a special event for ICOGRADA’s Design Week Vancouver.

The Grad show is at 555 West Hastings, just as you go down the escalator to get up to The Lookout.

Branding for the show was even lighting the tables.

Each graduate had a booth showing their work in a variety of ways.

Even on an evening with a massive downpour, no one seemed to slip on the floor.

Christina Paone used suspended images boxes to show her design work.

Lloyd Yue Pan is now a graduate and ready to get to the business of design.

Llyod used a mix of of the digital and 2-d to show his work.

Miya Hutchinson had spot-on New International design shown in a clear and clean portfolio.

The first to use an ipad for his portfolio was Tyson Poole. Andrea Wan, a contributor to An Awesome Showcase, was there to take a peek at it.

Tyson was there to make sure no one walked off with his ipad.

Some of the “old” media was still being used as well.

Angela Buttjes had some postcards celebrating Vancouver.

Another Vancouverism piece was for a jazz fest. Designed by Pamela Rounis.

Each IDEA grad had to stand by their work for the entire evening. Micayla Gatto, also a professional mountain biker, uses a ton of colour in her art and design.

Some of Micayla’s colourful work.

Shannon Elliot and Angela Buttjes were ready for the after-party at Library Square. The grads couldn’t have any of the wine until the show was done at 9 pm.

Shannon Elliot’s family portrait. Her portfolio has the process of creation documented.

Marlene Rodillo had some admirers.

Just a bit of what Capilano University offered the guests to snack on.

Watch out for next year when Vesna Zouko presents her work.