A day or so ago, Bob made this post which I was really excited for, I love the New Pornographers, one of my favourite bands….loved ’em from the get go…back when indie was alternative….I think I even have a Zumpano record around here somewhere. I’ve listened to the new album on and off multiple times over the last few days.

When I saw this video on facebook though, I could barely contain myself. That dojo looked familiar to me….memories of knuckle pushups, yellow belts, and getting my glasses knocked off again, again and again.. came flooding back…. IT’S STEVESTON!

My home dojo, at least when I was 12 it was. I’m amazed I’ve never posted anything on this, but I’m claiming it’s the best dojo in Canada. Not in the sense that the members have swept more legs than the Kobra Kai dojo or anything like that, but in terms of architecture, being a big part of the Japanese-Canadian community (since 1953!), and because I love all things Steveston, I’m claiming it….

Kinda weird how it took a New Pornographers video for me to post something about this place, but I think it was worth the wait, you throw in some choreographed ninjas into the mix here, and it got me so excited I totally stopped thinking that whale was one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse…koo…koo…

For a second, the jock in me was going to go on about how Dan Bejar wasn’t a Steveston Packer but a Richmond Colt, but really…when we were in highschool….I was waxing a curb somewhere and he was probably trying to start a country band or something….

a VIA Steveston classic….