‘Its on!’ or ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’


Stopped by Best Buy and Canadian Tire yesterday only to see a large selection of fans on the floor. This is a great sign. With 30 degree days ahead these will be a hot commodity in the days to come. I just want to take a second to spark the idea to the VIA subscribers that if you need a fan, that you’ll want to get down there soon. Its not until the full on heat is here that most people will good down in desperation to get some relief and find the fan section empty.

More importantly, how stoked are we that all we can see on the weather forecast are sunny days ahead! Fan shopping is a good problem to have. These are the days that we rant about and boast to out-of-towners that this is why we live here. Go enjoy!

These shelves are fully stocked…for now

I’m going to pick up this model for the office this afternoon

Bedside table option – $17.99. You’re cheapest option

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