Roots x Douglas Coupland – Take 7


If you’ve been reading V.I.A. for a little while then you should be no stranger to Vancouver’s own Douglas Coupland (see all of our posts relating to him and his work HERE). In fact even if you haven’t been following our site for very long you’re likely familiar with his work. He’s perhaps best known outside of Canada as the author of many successful novels (Generation X, Life After God and JPod to name a few) but we know him here at home as not only a wordsmith but a creative midas of sorts who has tackled sculpture, fiction, non-fiction Canadiana (and Canadiana in general), installation art, film, TV and other creative endeavors. He is a Canadian cultural icon, I would venture to say along the same lines as Farley Mowat, David Suzuki or even John Candy. No kidding.

Douglas recently teamed up with another Canadian icon, the clothing brand Roots, to release a staggering collection of wearables that just released. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing some of the pieces from the collection along with some videos while encouraging you to visit a Roots store, the (quite fancy) microsite for the Roots x Douglas Coupland collection (HERE) as well as the Roots online store where you can get a look at the entire collection.

The seventh and final piece we’re sharing (there are TONS in this collection and it was hard to choose only 7 for this series of posts) is the Crest Messenger Bag

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