Park & Tilford Gardens


Hidden away in the corner of the Park & Tilford shopping complex in North Vancouver is the Park & Tilford Gardens with eight themes to explore. Great place to get a rest from getting groceries or just wait for the next 3-D blockbuster to start.

A mix of gardens to check out and one the best has a bridge with some koi fish.

Even if it happen to be raining (more than likely) there is cover to walk about.

Benches are scattered around the garden to sit and contemplate which coffee shop to hit up.

You can also learn about making some primo compost.

A sun dial can be handy, unless it is overcast.

The blooms are in constant rotation and these tulips were from early spring.

The bees like Park & Tilford a lot.

The bridge and building in the asian themed garden.

The bridge.

The main entrance to the Park & Tilford Gardens.

Here is the address: 440-333 Brooksbank Avenue North Vancouver, BC