VIA’s Polaris Music Project! The Lover on Karkwa’s “Les Chemins de Verre”


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Two of Vancouver is Awesome’s Most Awesome: Bif Naked and PD.

Bif Naked is definitely one of Vancouver’s – let’s just say Canada’s – most awesome. When she’s not busy tending to her fur baby, her husband, being a punk rawk songstress, kicking cancer’s ass (and inspiring others to do the same with a well-spring of her uniquely amazing attitude and optimism which you can read all about in her interview with VIA HERE) or doing some advanced yoga she can be found in the bath… listening to Karkwa‘s entire discography by candlelight.

Les Chemins de Verre

Karkwa ended up winning the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. Despite the hardcore atmosphere of PD’s Hot Shop, dishing on the band manages to get Bif to transform from steely goddess to a puddle of unabashed fangirl goo. En français, s’il vous plait!

@BifNaked is on The Twitter.

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