Adventures in Solitude Home Movies 1 through 4


Along with the release of his book, Adventures In Solitude, which is the current selection in our Vancouver Book Club, Grant Lawrence has been releasing these small video snippets. They’re filmed in Desolation Sound of Desolation Sound which is, in case you didn’t read my REVIEW, the main character in this book. Below are videos 1 through 4 of Grant’s Adventures In Solitude Home Movies series. I was going to comment about his pronunciation of the word “Desolation” being slurred in some of these clips as he perhaps dipped further into the sauce as the days wore on, but I believe that DEZ-UH-LAY-SHUN may in fact the way that it is pronounced by the locals.

That’s pretty much exactly the type of question that you can ask Grant about it tomorrow at his release party at MOV that we’re co-sponsoring. Jill Barber and Said The Whale will be performing, Grant will be reading from his book and showing photos and a little movie and it will be an absolutely fantastic time.

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