V.I.A. Weekly Nardwuar – Week 8
Nardwuar VS Jello Biafra


This weekend Jello Biafra is coming to town! On Saturday he will be playing with his new band The Guantanamo School Of Medicine at the Rickshaw Theatre and on Sunday he will be attending a screening at The Chapel Arts Center (304 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver) of Terminal City Ricochet and The Widower, two Vancouver shot movies he appeared in! The Widower will screen at 7pm and Terminal City Ricochet at 9pm plus there will even be a short Q&A with Jello! Speaking of which I have been interviewing Jello since 1989 and hope to talk to him again! Check back here in future weeks for the results!
In the meantime here’s a video sampler of some Nardwuar vs. Jello action that has been captured over the years:



If you want even more check out Nardwuar.com/vs/Jello_Biafra/

Doot doo!

Nardwuar, Ani Kyd, Jello Biafra. Photo by Richard Murray.

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