V.I.A. Weekly Nardwuar – Week 9
Nardwuar VS The Drums… and Surfer Blood!


The way people people in Vancouver are connected to everything is another reason why it is awesome! Case in point: I heard that the Japandroids were touring with a cool Florida Band, Surfer Blood. So when Surfer Blood came to town I had to interview them! Why? Because if they are friends of the Japandroids, they must be friends of Vancouver! (Plus I read about them on Winnie Cooper.net which always knows what’s up!) In turn, Surfer Blood told me about their friends, The Drums, who I interviewed a few weeks ago, after Surfer Blood on their second visit to Vancouver, brought them as openers. Here in embedded video form is all the action for your eyes and ears! Doot doo!

Nardwuar vs. The Drums

Nardwuar vs. Surfer Blood

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