All You Can Eat… Fireworks?


Hey everybody! It’s me, Arlo, V.I.A.’s youngest blogger! I’m almost two years old now and you can click HERE to see all of my posts to date.

I’m writing today partly because I wanted to show off half of my super cute halloween costume! I’m going as a Grizzly bear thanks to my super awesome mom and grandma who made the costume for me and I thought you might enjoy a look at the hat part. But mostly why I’m making this post today is to let you in on something else that’s really, really awesome and also has to do with halloween.

Look beyond the cuteness in the photo below and you’ll see the Himalaya Restaurant. Charlie Demers, the author of the book Vancouver Special, and my dad have been having a bit of a public debate about which Indian restaurant on the block between 49th and 50th Avenue on Main Street is the best. You might remember THIS Dr Suess poem that Charlie wrote in defence of the Himalaya after my dad PRODDED him to join him for a meal at his favourite spot, The All India Sweets. Dad caved and Charlie ended up taking him out for lunch at the Himalaya and he’s gonna write about that lunch soon here on the blog. But before he does I just wanted to point out how sweet it is that this restaurant also sells fireworks around halloween! They’re not on the buffet though, you’ve gotta order them ala carte.

Uncle Charlie, could you pick me up some roman candles and a burning schoolhouse? I’m too young to get a permit for them.

In case you want to know what the city is telling you about getting a permit and buying fireworks from a place like the Himalaya, my dad SHARED those details with you earlier this week.