is that a suzuki in your pocket or are you just happy to save the planet?


Recently at friend’s birthday dinner, someone brought up an obscure fact into a conversation which was met with boo’s and hisses. “We can check it,” he said, “does anybody here have an iPhone?” In seconds the table was lit up as 11/12 people at the table whipped out their personal robot devices including me. This scene isn’t rare since most of us have phones with multiple capabilities and when I acquired my fancy phone in July I became addicted to Apps.

I regularly find myself posting updates on the locally made Hootsuite or listening to This Is That on demand through the CBC Radio App, but these days I am hooked on the new David Suzuki Legacy App.

Part e-book, part portal into the life and work of Vancouver’s treasure Mr. Suzuki, The Legacy App is the perfect introduction or companion to Suzuki’s new book. It’s an enhanced e-book, a fresh look and way to engage with The Legacy and the film, Force of Nature, perfect for those interested in sustainability, ideas, books, film and being a good person on this planet.

The Legacy App is beautifully designed with a focus on readability and navigational ease. The content is engaging and varied, from moving video clips of Suzuki lecturing to stills from Force of Nature (my favourite is an image of Suzuki fighting with kelp). It includes the compete text of the book, including a forward from Margaret Atwood. For more background information there are chapters about the man himself, the Suzuki Foundation as well as an updated newsfeed.

As I am writing this now I’m listening to Suzuki’s Legacy Lecture, a crisp recording of an incredible lecture delivered in 2009 that you can’t hear anywhere else. He asks of the audience “Who are we, how did we get here and where are we heading?” Questions that I love to ponder on a sunny day, Suzuki in my pocket.

You can get this little gem of digital technology at the Apple App store for all Apple mobile devices and starting TODAY there is a 30% discount until November 5th.