I think it was during one of the many PECHAKOOCHAS that I’ve attended when I heard not one, but several presenters talk about how much they were influenced by things from Japan.  Their attention to detail, the craftsmanship, they just know how to make things better…..

Well…not everything, and unlike the presenters, instead of the things the Japanese get right, I like to see the fun and exciting things the Japanese royally mess up.  In this case, Pizza.  Strawberry Cones is a Japanese Pizza chain which has a store in Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall.  I have no idea where the name Strawberry Cones comes from, I’m usually pretty good when it comes to deciphering poor Japanese/English translations, but this one’s got me.

If you’ve ever been to Asia, you might have been horrified when you went out for pizza, corn mayo anyone?  Hey, they feel the same way about sweet and sour pork and cream cheese sushi.  If you’ve developed a taste for this bastardized version of pizza, or you don’t want to hop on a plane to try it, one quick ride on the Canada Line, you can sample it for yourself.  How about potato egg salad, potato tuna? The one that really got my attention was the mochi, teriyaki chicken which wasn’t bad at all.  The mochi was cut up real small and I dug the texture, the little bits of seaweed too were reminiscent of a Japadog.  It worked. By no means would I rate this place even close to my favourite pizza place, but when you tack on the cultural experience points, it passes.  It was in a food fair too which you know turns me on…..

Next up….you guys ever messed with a hamburg steak?