Live Blogging TedXVancouver and Shoe Connections


Photo by KK on Flickr

Pictured above are the TedXVancouver 2010 speakers! Today through theLIVE FEED on their site you’ll be able to watch their talks and glean some insight and hopefully walk away with some serious inspiration. I’m sitting here next to Uncle Weed, second row from the front at the Ray Meek Centre in West Van where we’ll be “live” blogging this incredible event for the TedXVancouver web site, and I’ll be re-posting my posts here. I put the word “live” in quotations because I’m perhaps not going to deliver a stream-of-consciousness nor a play by play, which my more-seasoned co-live-blogger, the aforementioned Uncle Weed, is likely going to deliver on his half of the speaker’s he’s chosen to blog about (we did a highschool PE Class style selection of who we will be blogging about when we arrived).

What I’m going to bring you are thoughts on each of my 6 presenter’s shoes. Their styles and how they may somehow relate (or not relate) to the stories they’re telling you today (you are watching the LIVE FEED right?). I’m not here to make light of some potentially heavy talks, I’m simply going to bring you a different persepctive from the one you might expect, or even be looking for. Up first is human rights advocate, Nazanin Afshin-Jam. Allow me a minute here to frame my take on her shoes…