The best urinal in Vancouver


Built in 1916 and serving as a post office until 1946, the Heritage Hall located at Main Street and 15th Avenue was passed around a couple of times over the years until ultimately being abandoned and falling into a state of disrepair from 1976-1982. It was then brought back up to code and restored by the Heritage Hall Preservation Society who re-opened it as a community and cultural resource centre for Vancouver. It has stood as a cornerstone of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood ever since.

I’ve been to a friend’s wedding here, I’ve been to the Blim Community Market here on multiple occasions, and I imagine that you may have found your way into this amazing space at one point or another as well. If you’re a dude, you may have noticed that their urinal is, if not the “best”, the most interesting in Vancouver. I imagine that it was constructed in 1916 and I’m so stoked it’s stuck with the building and hasn’t been replaced with something more modern. While Jef Choy will have you believe that modern washroom facilities (sometimes with TVs installed in them) are the best I am going to argue that ones where you half face the person peeing next to you so that you’re forced into a semi-weird and certainly awkward moment of “Oh, we’re both peeing and I’m kinda facing you. Hi!” are amazing. I love it.