Feels Like Home as heard on CJSF


Feels Like Home is a new monthly radio show (and podcast) produced and hosted by our friends and co-conspirators Lizzy Karp and Amanda McCuaig. It’s created and aired on CJSF Radio, Simon Fraser University’s campus/community radio station located in Burnaby/Vancouver, and in it they share stories of home centered around specific themes, mixed with great Canadian music.

We’re the official media sponsor of Feels Like Home and will be sharing each and every episode with you in case you miss them when they air! This month’s theme is Taking People Home, and it’s… well… I’ll let Amanda explain to you below…

The chalk board in Amanda’s kitchen, where they worked this month to sew the episode together and carefully edited out any mentions of names from their threesome story tellers

Words: Amanda McCuaig

When the topic of “Taking People Home” was suggested, Lizzy and I were thinking only innocent thoughts. We both come from places so different from Vancouver that taking someone to our hometown opens a whole world of weird that we love to show off. But as we asked around, we got many interpretations of “taking people home”, including a surprising amount of stories about being taken home for threesomes!

So download Episode 5 (or listen to it at the bottom of this post): Taking People Home

We end the episode with a story by Devon Lougheed, of Beekeeper, and a song about his hometown. We really only became friends with Devon a few weeks ago, but we quickly became big fans of both him and Beekeeper. So go to the Beekeeper album launch / fundraiser for the DTES women’s centre “Power of Women to Women Program” and take him home with you.

In this episode you’ll hear from
– Lizzy’s Aunt Suzy, about the first time she went home with the man who became her husband.
– Three anonymous storytellers and their tales about being taken home for threesomes.
– Karen and Sean tell either side of a story about the first time Sean was taken home to meet Karen’s parents … and was ignored.
– And we wrap up with two separate stories about taking friends to your home when you pity them because they’ll be alone from a holiday. One from Danielle, and one from Devon.

Music in this episode:
– Gentlemen Say by David Vertesi
– Don’t Turn the Lights On by Chromeo
– I Am Part of a Large Family by the Great Lake Swimmers
– There’s a Reason by Beekeeper

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