The Weekly Ledge(r) – Episode #17


Skateboard culture is deeply rooted in this fine city of ours. Not only does Metro Vancouver produce some of the world’s finest wood-wheelers, it’s also a major migratory destination for skaters from all over Canada. The Weekly Ledge(r) exists to update you on skate-related news and happenings in our town. Know the ledge, it’s not just used for sitting…

In an effort to digitize its extensive archives, early this week Concrete Skateboarding magazine web-released each issue from the first publishing season (1990), as well as the 2010 issues. Click the image above or right here to check ’em all out during those lengthy digestion sessions over the Holidays.

In more local skate-mag news, Color has once again requested that their website viewers hit the polls and vote on some Best Photos of 2010. The crop is strong, and features Vancouver’s Bradley Sheppard, Russ Milligan, Ryan Smith, Spencer Hamilton, Chad Dickson, Zach Barton and more. Color is also set to release their latest issue, #8.6, otherwise known as “This is not the Awards Issue.”

Certain notable selections sometimes don’t quite make it to the Friday Ledge(r) because they get posted a little early. Understandably, Jef Choy took this step with Skull Skates’ PD / the Barrier Kult’s Depth Leviathan Dweller and Statue Of The Black Crow’s recent appearance on Urban Rush. It’s well worth another look.

In video news, East Van powerhouse Bryan Wherry was featured in a sick video part that appeared on his board sponsor’s (Cliché Skateboards) Facebook page. Check it out. Long-time Vancouver roller Kris Foley recently shared his sponsorship experience in a interview, and it’s supplemented by this here video of Kris destroying Metro Van parks: