Buh Bye, 2010! V.I.A. editors’ favourite blog posts – Dano Pendygrasse


“Although I think the post that I found the most interesting this year was the Bob Rennie Interview, it has been chosen a bunch so I’ll pick again. Not like there isn’t a lot to choose from!

The ongoing updates of the Fraser river Sockeye return were awesome (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Even though this run may be an anomaly, it’s nice to dream that we’re on the right path with salmon conservation.

The Vancouver Was Awesome articles on the history of the new office (1, 2, 3) were also amazing and insightful, even cinematic feeling! The clips from the paper really made it tangible. It’s incredible to think back to the sometimes grimy history, the secret passages and the rough and tumble cops of our early history. I’d like to see a film about this era in Vancouver.

I also really liked Giants of the Forest, Episode 2. For some reason it really stuck with me.

Happy New Year!”

Dano Pendygrasse, former Flickr Pickr Editor

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