The Weekly Ledge(r) – Episode #18


Skateboard culture is deeply rooted in this fine city of ours. Not only does Metro Vancouver produce some of the world’s finest wood-wheelers, it’s also a major migratory destination for skaters from all over Canada. The Weekly Ledge(r) exists to update you on skate-related news and happenings in our town. Know the ledge, it’s not just used for sitting…

Color magazine has posted an exclusive bonus montage from the 2010 video, “Elephant Direct” (learn more about the project right here). Click Bradley Sheppard’s noseblunt image to check out the ripping smorg of clips. Other ‘Couv rollers included are Russ Milligan and Torey Goodall.

While on the topic of vids, I posted up my 5 web favourites from 2010 that feature Canadian skaters over on Sascha Daley, Paul Trep and honourary Vancouverite Cameo Wilson made the cut. In moving-photo news, Transworld recently launched a 9Frames/Second sequence feature on their site; Spencer Hamilton and Ryan Decenzo take care of biz in that one.

There’s been some brisk, yet Ledge(r)-approved outdoor skate weather in our town this week, and rumour has it the Queensborough ditch-inspired 12,500 sq. ft. skatepark (and adjacent Jay Miron-designed BMX dirt jump track) will be shred-ready right quick (it’s located at the QB Rec Centre, 920 Ewen Ave). Check the design below. When the rain falls, you’ve got a couple options: The Dry Spot, which is Vancouver’s only public-access indoor park, or if you want to round up the crew for a little road excursion, there’s the recently-opened Woody’s in Abbotsford (34366 Forrest Terrace // 10am-10pm).

Roll steady in 2011 !