Daily Flickr Pickr – Day 364


Every day we share a single photo from our Flickr Pool shot by one of our faithful and talented readers (that’s you!).

Today’s photo was taken by John Biehler and John calls it False Creek Photowalk.

Okay, so Science World has been a lot of things over the past 15 years. It was originally called Expo Centre in 1986, then it became Science World in 1988; it was christened the Telusphere briefly in 2005 before settling on the Telus World of Science later that summer. In February of 2010 it was even known as Sochi World, at least until a certain lop-sided and unflattering hockey game and they all went home.

One thing that Science World is and always will be, however, is probably the best example of a Geodesic Dome that we have in Vancouver. The Bloedel Conservatory is a fantastic place indeed, and I’m glad that it is there and continues to operate, but it’s not a full sphere. Neither are the hundreds of examples found in numerous playgrounds throughout the city. Let me put this another way – if Buckminster Fuller were to suddenly rise from the grave, and you had just one hour to show him our awesome city, would you take him to Science World, or would you take him to the waste treatment plants under the Alex Fraser Bridge?

Thank you for the photo John. Glad to see the cold hasn’t kept you cooped-up indoors. I mean, if they can kayak, surely we can photowalk?