Daily Flickr Pickr – Day 366


Every day we share a single photo from our Flickr Pool shot by one of our faithful and talented readers (that’s you!).

Okay, a quick show of hands: how many of you know of a street in Vancouver called Atlantic Street? All right, I see a few hands up. How many of you have ever seen Atlantic Street? A few less hands up than before. Last question: how many of you know what Atlantic Street was called prior to 1915? Just me and a tumbleweed?

Before I go any further, a photograph is in order. This is from kwn! and is titled 008.

This photo was taken from the corner of Thornton Street at Malkin Avenue, and the houses in the background behind the bushes are on Atlantic Street. Atlantic Street is a tiny stretch of road, and can be found by following either Jackson, Princess or Heatley Avenues south of Prior Street.

While these houses currently have a view of the light industrial area of the False Creek Flats, it wasn’t always that way. Prior to the filling in of the eastern portion of False Creek in 1915 (which we touched on briefly already), these lots would have been waterfront property. After the land was reclaimed, however, the city decided that the street’s original name was no longer appropriate and changed it. It’s former name? Bayview Street.

A quick little aside: after I had decided on this photo for today’s post, I looked a little further into kwn!‘s photostream and recognized two other photos – but where had I seen them? I had seen them hanging in a cafe around the corner from my work, and printed fairly large. So if you find yourself near Alberta and 8th, drop in for a snack and check out some prints!


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