The Beggar’s Garden event at Ardea Books and the latest Vancouver Book Club selection


Last week I introduced you to what will likely end up being the best book about Vancouver released in 2011, Michael Christie’s The Beggar’s Garden published by Harper Collins Canada. HERE is my review.

I’m quite happy to announce today that Michael will be at Ardea Books (formerly Sitka Books) this Friday to celebrate the release, and that V.I.A. is co-sponsoring. And in case you weren’t at the Vancouver Book Club meeting last week I’m also happy to let you know that The Beggar’s Garden is the current selection!

So come down to Ardea, pick up a copy of the book, get Michael to sign it for you, read it from cover to cover, then meet up with us in a few weeks to discuss the book with him at the next Vancouver Book Club meeting.

Please join us!