CBC Radio 3 Searchlight: Our NATIONAL Competition


Not unlike our “The Local Competition” feature last week, CBC Radio 3 has taken it upon themselves to create “Meet The Nominees” posts where the nominees themselves describe their websites. Well I’ve poached these so I can show you what we are up against…

Radio3 has 10 more nominees to post, and we’ll share those when they are up too…in the meantime check out what we said about ourselves below and GO HERE TO GIVE US SOME VOTING-LOVE! (You can vote one a day every day until Wednesday – Top 20 announce Thursday!)

V.I.A. Indie
Mission: We showcase the indie scene in Vancouver; promote local artists, have musicians create weekly playlists, highlight some of the concerts happening, and sponsor events and concerts.
Why: My heart feels happy when local musicians succeed: art is art whether it be music or photography or writing…we’re all in the same creative boat… And just look at the Vancouver scene right now…we have Juno nominees!
Check outour project with David Vertesi! We got a few local musicians and filmmakers to create videos/sing duets for Valentine’s Day


Hero Hill

Mission: Focusing on Canadian music is the official mandate of the site.  Roughly 95% of the posts we do are on Canadian artists.
Why: The writing provides a kind of creative outlet for us, but really, helping talented, hard-working musicians get their music heard is a reward in and of itself for us.
Check out…Herohall & Oates

Midnight Poutine
Mission: We’re a high-fat source of rants, raves and musings on music, arts and food in Montreal. It’s a personal on-going account of what’s happening culturally in Canada’s coolest city.
Why: The desire to get to know this city and its various scenes better, and to help attract attention to the insanely talented artists making music here.
Check out…our picks for the Best Montreal Albums of the Decade and of course, our weekly podcast which is nearing its 200th episode. We’re no Grant Lawrences, but we have fun.

Live Music Project
: Originally started as a personal challenge to see one live show a week for an entire year. After a few months of shows I began writing about my experiences and reviewing; the blog evolved from there.
Why: I’m most motivated when I have a chance to hold on to memories associated with the music. Concerts specifically are the place I feel most able to be myself; complete inhibition.
Check out…review and photography from a house show with Waterloo’s The Monster Show and Guelph/Alliston’s Bass Lions

Mission: AUX TV digs deep into music culture and uncovers some of the best artists from indie rock to hip hop. Our programming includes daily music news, live concert performances, original magazine-style interview shows, documentaries, and music videos.
Why: We support independent music across genres (and across the country) and take pride in exposing emerging artists to a wider audience.
Check out…AUX Presents City and Colour.

: These web-based TV shows shed light on people and events that bring a positive  change to our world through their music, art and social activism.
Why: The main motivation for me is to make Grounded TV a hub for art and music, but to also add a news and world events twisted to help raise consciousness.
Check out… the mini doc on Vancouver based producer Headspace.

: To bring the Halifax LIVE music scene to the eyes and ears of those who could not attend the show in person w/ quality photos, videos and reviews.
Why: Halifax (and the rest of Canada) has  some amazing bands/artists who do not get the publicity they really deserve. I feel great being one of the people out there trying to help those bands get their music heard.
Check out…Our HPX 2010 coverage. We had 5 Noisographers out covering as much as possible every night, which made for an amazing cross section of photos, video and written accounts of the entire festival.

Naked Jams
: To help local “up&comers” get their music out, and to work with more recognized names to create unique content and get them exposure to new audiences.
Why: The experience of collaborating with the musicians and the great feedback that we’ve gotten from the viewers keep us going.
Check out…the shoot we did with The Cadboro Collective, Session.016. The spontaneity, interaction, and music are outstanding!

: A digital PWYC record label. We’re also a production house that makes music teevee, and a sometimes-blog about stuff we think is awesome. Pretty soon we’ll be in space probably.
Why: It provides a hub for the bands we like to get their music heard by a few more people than they would by posting it on hotfile.com or something and leaving it to the wolves.
Check out… our Wayne’s World-esque talk show filmed in our house. Artists like D-Sisive performed in our basement, and bands like Tokyo Police Club helped us blow stuff up inside our microwave. One time we had a sleepover with Andrew WK.

Island Soap Box
To generate more attention for bands/artists. It’s music that I really like, and want other people to really like, so we can talk about it, and so they keep making music!
Why:We all want to be able to say “I’ve been a fan since day 1”, and I hope my blog can generate fans on that level.
Check out… my interview with Dan Mangan!

Buying Shots for Bands
Mission: Discover new music and help others discover new music, while having fun with it.
Why: To do something different by actually buying shots for bands, which we had done before we started the blog.
Check out: Buying shots at the Painted Lady with Bravestation, Dora Alexander and Volcano Playground

Thorney Bleeder Records
: We provide free & legal mp3’s, music news, industry commentary, marketing tips, and career advice for indie musicians and entrepreneurs alike.
Why: It’s my passion and calling to connect developing artists with new fans while giving them indie DIY marketing tips
Check out… our latest free download mix tape, Get Thorny 3. 24 songs from 24 artists, 100% free.

: We cover music events and comedy shows in Metro Moncton, New Brunswick.
Why: I love writing and I love music. Marrying them together like this is a dream.
Check out…my interview with Voivod drummer and Canadian heavy metal legend Michel Langevin

Mission: Bring readers/listeners into the world of folk music that tends to be half speed, just the way we like it!
Why: I am a music fiend, new music always interests me and finding something you really enjoy is just soo rewarding.
Check out…Slowcoustic’s Favouite Albums of 2010.

The Can Con
To shine a light on the many great things being done by Canadian musicians.
Why: I love music and don’t work in the industry. This is a way for me to play a role.
Check out…my post on Arcade Fire’s Grammy win! http://thecancon.ca/

Weird Canada
: To exonerate the lysergic trends in emerging Canadian art.
We’re inspired by enthusiastic business-savvy freaks who are self-releasing tapes, CDRs, and vinyl that capture the wyld and wonderful soundscapes conjured around them.
Check out…
our music reviews! Here’s a favourite.

Ca Va Cool
: To publish album/concert reviews, interviews, and more about the coolest new music across Canada.
It’s unhealthy to bottle up music obsession, especially Canadian.
Check out…Our extensive coverage of Osheaga 2010!

Backstage Rider
: To talk about the experience of live music with diary entries, tall tales, sexy photography and goofy backstage pics.
No staff, no ads, no money. Just pure love of the music and fascination with the people who make it.
Check out…
our backstage photo shoot with Diamond Rings.

Southern Souls
: to compile an A/V history of the most talented and prolific artists in Canada
It’s the best job anyone could have.  Music and film are my life.  I don’t know what I’d do without this project, it’s what keeps me going. 
Check out…
the Land of Talk performance that I teamed up with La Blogotheque for.

Coke Machine Glow
: To offer journalistic and critical coverage of hip-hop, indie, out, electronic, or whatever else strikes us.
It allows us to connect with so many out there who care as much about discovering new music as we do.
Check out…
our “Top 100 Albums of the 2000s” feature.