Rolf Knight’s Along the No. 20 Line – another Vancouver 125 Legacy Book


Celebrating Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, as the rerelease of 10 out of print, classic Vancouver books draws nearer I’m getting more and more excited about coupling the new copies with the old copies I’ve been digging up. My goal is to unearth original versions of all ten so that we have both on the shelves of our growing library here at the V.I.A. office.

It hasn’t been as easy as I thought it might be. As all of these books are out of print of course I imagined it wouldn’t be a cakewalk but of the few bookstores I’ve presented the list to so far Macleod’s Books is the only one who hasn’t asked me “You’re kidding, right?”. Which is just another solid reminder of why Macleod’s is my favourite used bookstore in Vancouver.

Here’s what they dug up for me yesterday: a copy of Rolf Knight’s Along the No. 20 Line published in 1980 by New Star Books. And HERE is a PDF copy that Rolf himself uploaded to his web site if you want to get a sneak peek.

Vancouver 125 Legacy Books might be your new religion

So my list is looking like this (the ones with a strike through them are ones I’ve found so far):

A Hard Man to Beat by Howie White
Along the No. 20 Line: Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront by Rolf Knight
Opening Doors: Vancouver’s East End edited by Daphne Marlatt and Carole Itter
Who Killed Janet Smith? By Edward Starkins
Class Warfare by D. M. Fraser
A Credit to Your Race by Truman Green
Crossings by Betty Lambert
The Inverted Pyramid by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Day and Night by Dorothy Livesay
Anhaga by Jon Furberg

HERE is my original post on the project in case you missed it. And HERE is my first post about my first finds.

Stay tuned in the coming months as we’re going to be reviewing all ten titles before they’re released.