Dinner with… Dano Pendygrasse at Cardero’s


We’re resurrecting our Dinner with… feature! And by “resurrecting” I mean that we’re getting it going after a false start last summer. The idea is to take you to some of Vancouver’s best restaurants with some of Vancouver’s best humans. We’re going to start with people who work with Vancouver Is Awesome and who support this non-profit operation with their skill, their time and their ideas: our contributors and editors! There are a lot of them so along with introducing you to some great places to eat they will likely be the theme of this feature forever.

First up is legendary snowboard photographer, Dano Pendygrasse, who headed up our Daily Flickr Pickr for a few months last year and who we’re going to be working with on some upcoming projects we’re producing. Say hello to Dano and say hello to Cardero’s restaurant who were kind enough to provide us with a fantastic dinner.

Our conversation started with V.I.A. stuff but quickly turned to fishing as Dano and I are pretty passionate about it. Fittingly, he started with some wok squid.

Next he dug into some Ling Cod for his main course.

Then it was on to wild berry crumble for dessert.

The conversation went a bunch of different directions throughout the evening and one thing we talked about quite a bit was photography, as not only do we have fishing in common but we both have experience as professional photographers. The next few photos will illustrate the fact that Dano has obviously spent much more time behind the lens than I have and is far better versed at low light situations and at… well… photography in general. I shot the above photos with my Canon G11 and he shot these ones below with his Panasonic GF1. When he sent them over at first I was almost ashamed at how much better they are than mine but rather than be ashamed I am freaking psyched that we have such skill on board the V.I.A. team!

Oh, and I had the lobster, and it was absolutely perfect.

A huge thanks to the folks at Cardero’s in Coal Harbour for having us for dinner and for helping us to continue this feature. Check out their menu and learn more about them HERE.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Dinner with… series set at another one of Vancouver’s best restaurants with another one of Vancouver’s best humans.