VANCOUVER DAZE VOL. 9: YVR Twestival 2011 at Harbour Centre Lookout


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Volume 9: Vancouver Twestival 2011 at Harbour Centre Lookout in support of Beauty Night on March 24, 2011. Hastag: #YVRtwestival. Some photos courtesy of Jeremy Lim and Three Sixty Photography. More photos available on Flickr.

#YVRtwestival 2011

So Twestival was light night and it was truly awesome! Make sure to read about all the different Twestivals all over the world and their global movement through local chapters. A few nights a year, there are those larger, special events, tweetups, and meetups where many (if not all) the world of local Twitter folks gather to socialize over a singular cause mixing social media veterans and newbies alike. Full disclosure: V.I.A. was one of the sponsors and organizers for the event.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

The view from atop the Lookout was amazing. You could see the entire city, walking around in circles, mingling about the tower.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

Speaking of V.I.A., guess what? I finally met head honcho, the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Bob Kronbauer. Despite my work here and travelling in the same circles, we had yet to actually meet in person. Bob gave me a great, big bear hug. It was strange and awkward at first. We have this online repoire and talk constantly via email so we’re comfortable. However, never having spoken in person, we lacked a natural back and forth.

Three Sixty Photography set up a photo booth along with Smart Pics Media ‘s real-time machine. Above is Grace Cheung and I being silly yet sexy.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

Mayor Gregor Robertson swung by to give a little speech about the night, the evening’s cause, Beauty Night, and our vibrant social community in Vancouver.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

The speeches were light as organizers highlighted social media’s power to unite our community and bring people together for a cause.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

Beauty Night’s founder Caroline MacGillivray talked about how they build up the self-esteem and change the lives of women living in poverty through wellness, life skills development, and makeovers.

Vanessa ChuMay C., and I decided to be fabulously randomly fabulous as Dennis Pang pops in and out of frame.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

Like I always say, the more fun I’m having at these events, the worse the photos I take. This is a drawback of trying to be a one man reporting machine. Sufficed to say, I was too busy having fun. Everywhere I turned, there was an interesting person I wanted to chat with endlessly. Apologies for the dark, sketchy pics.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

After shaking some awkwardness and along with journalist Janey Baik, we roamed the tower to gave away a swanky brand new coffeemaker to a random person, Tina Feran, courtesy of London Drugs (their rep above). This was a definite highlight of the night.

To cap the night, Nick Routley, Colene, and I donned on some ridiculous eye wear to strike a pose.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

News1130 midday anchor and managing web editor Erin Loxam made me take this photo to prove she was there with her co-anchor Rob Freeman and Chris Mahieson. We chatted about the industry, technology, social media, and the state of journalism. What a smart, clever, friendly gal. You can hear me with her and Rob on their What’s Happening Wednesdays radio segment from a couple weeks ago.

YVR Twestival 2011 | Vancouver Lookout

I had a blast meeting a ton of tweeps, far too many to mention, and catching up with old ones.

Thanks to all the night’s sponsors and congrats to the organizers: Rebecca BollwittAzita Ardakani, Kirsten Bailey, Melissa Joaquin, Sonia Ryan, Kim Werker, Marc Smith, and of course, Bob! It was a night to remember for sure.