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Man oh man – these images are AMAZING!!! (note to self: calm down, your screaming in public) The Jennifer Kostuik Gallery presents Ancora by David Burdeny.

Opening Reception: Thursday, Apr 14, 6-9pm

Artist in attendence.

David is a Winnipegger. (Go hometown!) He’s also a masters in Architecture graduate! (Man we’re everywhere!). These new works are amazing. We encourage you to make the time and go see something inspiring. Description of the show, via the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery below.

Marie Antoinettes Chateau, Versailles, France, 2010

Ancora, the Italian word for ‘still,’ is a collection of 30 new photographs made during the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011. Inspired partly by the words of various travel writers and Joseph Brodsky’s book “Watermark,” David Burdeny revisited many former locations and themes from previous images of Japan, Venice and France, and courted new areas in Thailand, Vietnam and Hawaii.  Alone and moving about by foot, car, boat motorcycle and happenstance, the artist sought moments he saw and felt as beautiful, delicate and mysterious and recorded them with lengthy exposures shortly before dusk or dawn.  As in much of his previous work, Burdeny once again found himself working in rain, fog and mist  – marginal conditions that effectively eliminate extraneous background clutter and deep shadow, to provide minimal and slightly surreal presentations – signature to a Burdeny photograph.

Pushing the themes of 2009 Sacred & Secular, the artist experiments with a more social landscape, incorporating the human form into what would have previously been an unpopulated environment. Photographed from distant vantage points, these figures reference the romantic tradition where small human figures stand in contrast to an immense landscape, thereby reinforcing the notion we are close, but still to far from nature.

The photographs are exposed with a 4×5 and 8×10 field camera onto slow speed colour transparency film.  Filtering the light at the moment of exposure, which involves a variety of neutral density and coloured filters, achieves the soft color palate. Further adjustments were made at the printing stage to achieve a common color density throughout this exciting new series of images.

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy, 2010
Floating Village, Vietnam, 2011

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